Who We Are

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Christina Rice, Founder OMNoire

I founded OMNoire from a need to create a safe space for women of color to share our stories and find a support system throughout our wellness journeys. 

My own personal journey stemmed from a challenging time in 2015 where I found myself experiencing "entrepreneur burnout" and discovered yoga as my saving grace. Throughout my training, and as a teacher, I rarely saw women of color in my classes and it dawned on me that we need wellness tribes for us, powered by us. Since our launch in 2016, our community has grown to over 8,000 women who are committed to 360 degrees of living well. 

Through our workshops, events and retreats, we aim to empower women to find wellness on their own terms and what works best for their lifestyles. Whether you're a vegan or meat eater, yogi or occasional fitness buff, enjoy a few cocktails during girl's night out or alcohol free, my mission is to encourage and support you to discover your own version of wellness. Your journey may not look like mine and that is OK! You are safe HERE in our OMNoire community to discover, experiment, and build a tribe within a tribe, as we all aim to achieve a WHOLE-listic lifestyle...from the foods we eat, to our exercise regimens, love and friend relationships, emotional and mental health, and more.

Wellness is an ever evolving, courageous journey that is yours and yours alone. Own it.

Love + Light, 


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Chenoa maxwell, founder live limitlessly

Love has been my cure all and greatest power source since my earliest of memories. It has lead me to my greatest lessons and my greatest rewards. Through decades of door slams and oh-no moments, I’ve come to understand that when Love is applied to everything, it has the power to attract all things good and wonderful. Love elevates, connects, heals, attracts and transcends all.

I created Live Limitlessly as the ultimate hub for Love, inspiration and simple shifts of perspective that ignite an intense passion for life, awaken consciousness and liberate authenticity.

Now I’m no doctor but, I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life engaging in conversation, researching and putting into practice the elixir I have distilled into the medicine I call Live Limitlessly. Time and time again these principles and ways of thought have shifted my life from sadness to sweet success!

This philosophy of life has gifted me the confidence to reinvent myself successfully several times over. I have shifted seamlessly from a Hollywood Leading Lady to a globally recognized Photographer to TV Personality to a Transformational Expert.

Where having it all is simply a mind-set away…

Limitlessly yours,